Matterport 3D Capture For All Book by Peter Simcoe


Peter Simcoe BA (Hons) PG Dip

This book has been created to provide Matterport users, both experienced and new, with an introduction to compatible entry-level cameras and an exploration of Matterport technology. It is designed to inspire, inform and be easy to pick up and enjoy. It is an exploration of the technology in terms of both hardware and software and includes interviews with key Matterport people such as RJ Pittman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and David Gausebeck, Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In addition, Matterport technical support teams provide commentary on some of the authors creations, allowing further insight into the creation of 3D models. The book is divided into 5 sections:


Introduction to the origins of Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs. Overview of Matterport.

Entry-level cameras

Introducing Matterport’s latest technological advancement – support of entry-level cameras. This section provides an overview and examples of 3D models and projects created with entry-level cameras compatible with the Matterport platform.

Inspirational and Sensational

See 3D models created with the professional level Matterport Pro2 camera, in some of the most common sectors such as architecture, manufacturing and real estate. The author of this book displays some of his own creations using the Matterport Pro2 camera.

Meet the Matterporters

Interviews with some of the key people at Matterport along with some of the Matterport Service Providers that use the technology on a daily basis as part of their business.


Reference material for Matterport entry-level and professional camera users

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About Matterport

Matterport is often perceived as a camera manufacturer, but it is primarily a software company with a focus on Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud processing of spaces or objects within the built environment. The cameras sold by the company were driven by the need to create a capture device capable of delivering the data quality and quantity required to produce the sophisticated walkthrough experiences you see on the website at at a price point suitable for the market audience.

From the Author

“From my days at Loughborough University studying Design and Technology to my work as a media producer for Airbus and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, the exploration of 3D photography, 360-degree technology, immersive experiences and photography is a significant part of my professional and personal life.  Matterport technology focuses on all of these in a single platform and therefore it was an exciting and, in many ways, obvious step for me to study Matterport in my next book.”– Peter Simcoe, Author of Matterport Handbook