3D 360 Video and Photographs provide a unique way of selling an experience, tour, service or event to customers.

360 video has been available for a while now. Key social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are now able to display VR video making it significantly more accessible to the public. Improvements in technology have enabled 3D 360 video to become available to video producers outside of major studios, opening up a whole new dimension. Literally. VR is big business and so is the potential to sell to your customers in a unique and compelling way. Simcoemedia has extensive experience in both 3D imaging and video and can provide 3D 360 video at a very competitive rate.

Individual 3D 360 video samples

Viewing 3D 360 Content

2D 360 Video: No Glasses

YouTube and Vimeo video hosting platforms are now enabling viewers to watch 3D 360 content in 2D 360 without the need to use red / cyan glasses or VR goggles – therefore anyone with a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop can view the footage even though it was originally created in 3D. The viewer can look around the scene but that extra sense of depth and finesse in the third dimension is unavailable. VR video will just about cope with ADSL connections but Fibre Broadband allows for full video resolution.

Glasses required: No
Cost to customer: £0

3D 360 Video: Anaglyph

It is possible, with a pair of 3D red / cyan glasses to view 3D 360 video in 3D Anaglyph mode on YouTube. This is a low cost way to add depth to the 360 experience and a pair of red / cyan glasses can be purchased from online stores such as Amazon.co.uk for as little as £2 for 10! As an aside, on my creative design blog you can also see 3D anaglyph images created in the last few years at www.design-design.co.uk from the Chester area, Barcelona, the USA and Australia.

Glasses required: Yes
Cost to customer: approx £2

3D 360 Video: Immersive

Some social media sites such as YouTube are allowing viewers to switch to VR mode to enjoy 3D 360 experiences and truely immerse themselves in the environment with that additional 3D depth. Content can also be downloaded though file sizes are significant.  Costs range from £10 for Google Cardboard to £18 for something like Humido’s Mini Glasses through to Google Daydream at £70, Samsung’s Gear VR glasses at £99 all the way to the significant outlay for HTC Vive and beyond.

Glasses required: Yes
Cost to customer: £10 – £100 + capable smartphone

A Quick Guide to 3D 360 on YouTube


A: As standard, 3D 360 video will play in 2D mode. This button activates 3D mode.

B: Use this to switch from 2D mode to 3D if you have 3D red / cyan glasses available.

C: Select Anaglyph and you will see a red and cyan outline of the video. You will now see depth in the video using the red / cyan glasses.

D: This icon indicates that the video is 360. Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to look around.

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